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In pursuit of beauty and benefit in music for everyone, some composers and performing artists choose to release their original, copyrighted art as “Open Source Tracks”. These free-use .wav and .mp3 audio files are available for free to download, share, edit, mix, tweak, phase, and crunch to your human heart’s content, all under the free and fair (“free air”), musician-friendly and business-friendly Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, a.k.a. the “CC BY 3.0” license. Super fast and freely available downloads from our friends and neighbors in the Company Juice Cloud. So drag on, my brothers and sisters, drag on…

title : TrackDragon Project 1
artist : Marty McGee
album : Tragically Delicious
year : 1999 – 2014
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  1. Salesman.mp3
  2. Selfish Phase.mp3
  3. Lama.mp3
  4. Ratchet.mp3
  5. I Hate Goodbyes.mp3
  6. Greats.mp3
  7. Dead Strategies.mp3
  8. Sit Back.mp3
  9. Don’t Tell Me.mp3

Creative Commons License

Tragically Delicious by Marty McGee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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